The table class is an element of a sheet, which is an element of a document. A table contains cells, rows, columns, and ranges.

The table properties row count and column count are often used with the make command in the creation of a new table. The values of these properties for an existing table can be adjusted, however any reduction of rows or columns must apply to only those containing no data.

table: A table in a sheet


contains cells, columns, ranges, rows; contained by sheets.


cell rangerange, r/o ) : The range describing every cell in the table.

column countinteger ) : The number of columns in the table.

filteredboolean ) : Whether the table is currently filtered.

nametext ) : The table’s name.

row countinteger ) : The number of rows in the table.

selection rangerange ) : The cells currently selected in the table.

responds to

delete, exists, make, sort

The properties cell range and selection range have values that are ranges of cells. The value of the cell range property is a range encompassing the entire table, while the value of the selection range property is a range defining the currently selected cells of the table.