Application Termination

In OS X v10.7 and later, the use of the Quit command to terminate an application is diminished in favor of more user-centric techniques. Specifically, Cocoa supports a technique that makes the termination of an app transparent and fast: Automatic Termination.

This technique eliminates the need for users to quit an app. Instead, the system manages app termination transparently behind the scenes, terminating apps that are not in use to reclaim needed resources such as memory.

However, Automatic Termination can interfere with scripts that may be designed to assume that an application is running in the background, ready to accept commands and queries.

You can disable (or enable) Automatic Termination using an applet that changes a global setting on the computer.

DOWNLOAD  the applet for setting Application Termination global setting. NOTE: REQUIRES ADMINISTRATIVE PASSWORD, COMPUTER RESTART, and OS X v10.10