Collaborated Sign-Up Sheet

An example of using automation with the built-in collaboration features of the iWork Numbers application.

In this example, instructors use the following AppleScript script to automate the sign-up process for a conference. In turn, each instructor selects a table cell whose row and column headers indicate the class they would like to teach.

When the script is run, their name is inserted into the selected table cell and its background color is changed from red to green. In addition, a new Calendar even for the class is added to their default calendar.

Items to note:

  • The script uses the name of the current user for the instructor’s name
  • The script assumes the default calendar is the one in which to add new events
  • The top header row of the table has a value representing the day of the session, that is a date object.
  • The bottom header of the table has a value, representing the class start time and end time, that is a string. (13:45-17:15)
  • The times expressed in the bottom header of the table has a value are in “military time format” (13:45-17:15)

DOWNLOAD the Numbers document and AppleScript script files. Information about how to activate the Script Menu and install scripts to it, can be found here.