Shapes are a fundamental iWork object and exist in all three iWork applications. In addition to inheriting the properties of iWork items, such as locked and opacity, shapes have the following shape-related properties:

The iWork Suite shape Class

shape  [inh. iWork item ] : A shape container.


contained by iWork containers such as: slides.


background fill typeno fill /‌ color fill /‌ gradient fill / ‌advanced gradient fill /‌ image fill / ‌advanced image fill, r/o ) : The background, if any, for the shape.

object textrich text ) : The text contained within the shape.

opacityinteger ) : The percentage of opacity of the shape, from 0 (none) to 100 (full).

reflection showingboolean ) : Is the shape displaying a reflection?

reflection valueinteger ) : The percentage of reflection of the shape, from 0 (none) to 100 (full).

rotationinteger ) : The rotation of the shape, in degrees from 0 to 359.

responds to

delete, exists.

IMPORTANT: The current scripting implementation of Keynote does not support the setting of the background fill type by a script. The value of this property can be accessed by a script, but not changed.

Script Examples

Here’s a simple script that creates a full-slide shape, on the current slide, using default fill, color, and borders:

Shapes can contain text. Here’s a script that creates a text-filled shape on the current slide: