Adding movies to a presentation can do much to increase audience comprehension by presenting concepts and ideas in a relatable format. For example, beginning a presentation with a video of Earth from the International Space Station could be an excellent lead-in to slides examining global financial priorities and realties.

The iWork Suite movie Class

movie  [inh. iWork item ] : An audio clip


contained by slides, document.


file nametext r/o) : The name of the movie file.

movie volumeinteger ) : The volume setting for the movie, from 0 (none) to 100 (full volume).

opacityinteger ) : The opacity of the object, in percent.

reflection showingboolean ) : Is the movie displaying a reflection?

reflection valueinteger ) : The percentage of reflection of the movie, from 0 (none) to 100 (full).

repetition methodnone/‌loop/‌loop back and forth ) : If or how the audio clip repeats.

rotationinteger ) : The rotation of the iWork item, in degrees from 0 to 359.

responds to

delete, exists

NOTE: In the current version of Keynote the movie class does not support the use of the make command. See the script example below for details on how to import a movie file.

Protected Video Files

iWork applications do not allow the import of copy-protected media files. Attempting to import such items may cause an error, like this: