Exporting Documents

Exporting Pages documents is done using the export command from the Pages Suite.

export  : Export a presentation to another file(s).

export document : The presentation to export.

to (file ) : A reference to the file to be created.

as ( epub / ‌Microsoft Word /‌ Pages 09 /‌ PDF /‌ unformatted text ) : The format in which the document is to be exported.

[ with properties (export options ) ] : An AppleScript record containing property:value pairings for the initial values for properties of the exported object.

export options: The export options for the Pages export command.


authortext ) : The author of the exported EPUB document.

coverboolean ) : Should the first page be used as the cover for the exported EPUB document?

genretext ) : (Pages 5.6) The genre of the exported EPUB document.

languagetext ) : (Pages 5.6) The language name or ISO language code of the exported EPUB document. For ISO language codes, see Code List of ISO 639-2.

publishertext ) : (Pages 5.6) The publisher of the exported EPUB document.

titletext ) : The title of the exported EUPB document.

image qualitygood/better/best ) : (Pages 5.6) The quality setting to apply to the images contained in the exported document.

passwordtext ) : The password to use when the exported PDF is encrypted.

password hinttext ) : The password hint.

NOTE: The Pages version 5.6 scripting dictionary includes enhanced metadata options for EPUB documents, as well as image compression options for images placed within the exported document.

Export Scripts

The following are script examples for each of the following export types:

Export to EPUB, Export to PDF, Export to Microsoft Word, Export to Unformatted Text

DO THIS ►DOWNLOAD a ZIP archive containing two Pages documents to use for testing the export command. Included in the archive are completed versions of Alice in Wonderland and the United States Constitution.

Export to PDF

This script movies the frontmost Pages presentation to a PDF file. Set the boolean value of the useEncryptionDefaultValue property to either true or false to determine whether you will be prompted for the password to use in encrypting the PDF file.

Export to Microsoft Word

This script movies the frontmost Pages presentation to a Microsoft Word file.

Export to EPUB

This script movies the frontmost Pages presentation to an EPUB file and opens the exported document with the iBooks application.

Export to Unformatted Text

This script movies the frontmost Pages presentation to a text file.