Create Grid of Page Items

Grid-based design is a standard format of page layout used for documents that display numerous individualized items, such as catalogs.

Here’s a script that can quickly create a grid of page items (text boxes and/or image placeholders), and even insert text identifiers into the created text items or into the image descriptions.


DO THIS ►DOWNLOAD a Pages template file of the example shown above. NOTE: when using a document created with the template, add new pages by duplicating the first page.

Here’s the script. Click the button to open it in the Script Editor application where you can run it or save it to the system-wide Script Menu. It is written using AppleScriptObj-C (note the frameworks declared at the top of the script) and actually creates custom-sized placeholder images dynamically!

(⬇ see below ) Vertical grid of image and text pairings

finished vertical page

NOTE:  (⬆ see above )  Be sure to disable word-processing mode by deselecting the “Document Body” option checkbox in the Document tab on the right side of the window.

(⬇ see below ) Horizontal grid of image and text pairings

finished horizontal page