Moving Slides

Another common document management task is moving a slide or range of contiguous slides within a presentation. The move command from the Standard Suite provides this functionality:

move  : Move one or more contiguous slides.

move slide : The slide or range of slides to be moved. A range of slides is specified as: slides 1 thru 4

to ( location specifier ) : The new location in the presentation for the moved slide(s).

The following example scripts are shown addressing this small example presentation (DOWNLOAD):

(⬇ see below ) A small presentation with three slides:


Moving a Slide

Here’s how to move a slide to a specified location:

(⬇ see below ) The last slide is moved to the beginning of the presentation:


Moving a Range of Slides

Here’s how to move a range of contiguous slides:

(⬇ see below ) The indicated range of slides were moved to the end of the presentation: