Exporting Documents

Exporting Keynote documents is done using the export command from the Keynote Suite.

export  : Export a presentation to another file(s).

export document : The presentation to export.

to (file ) : A reference to the file (folder) to be created. When exporting images or HTML, a new folder, containing the exported items, is created instead of a file.

as ( HTML / ‌QuickTime movie /‌ PDF /‌ slide images / ‌Microsoft PowerPoint /‌ Keynote 09 ) : The format in which the document is to be exported.

[ with properties (export options ) ] : An AppleScript record containing property:value pairings for the initial values for properties of the exported object.

export options: The export options for the Keynote export command.


all stagesboolean ) : Include each stage of the builds.

bordersboolean ) : Add borders around the slides.

compression factorreal ) : Compressed image quality, ranging from 0.0 (maximum compression, lowest quality) to 1.0 (lossless compression, highest quality). This option only pertains to JPEG format images.

dateboolean ) : Include the current date.

export styleIndividualSlides /‌ SlideWithNotes /‌ Outline /‌ Handouts ) : Indicate whether to include notes, etc. (applies only to printing)

image formatJPEG /‌ PNG /‌ TIFF ) : The format to use for the resulting images.

movie formatsmall /‌ medium /‌ large ) : The desired size for exported movie: 360P, 540P, 720P

passwordtext ) : The password to use when the exported PDF is encrypted.

password hinttext ) : The password hint.

PDF image qualitygood/better/best ) : (Keynote 6.6) The quality of the images in the exported PDF file.

rawKPFboolean ) : Should the document be exported in raw KPF?

skipped slidesboolean ) : Should the exported document include skipped slides?

slide numbersboolean ) : Should the exported document include slide numbers?

NOTE: The Keynote version 6.6 scripting dictionary includes options for indicating the quality of images used when the presentation is exported as a PDF file.

Shortcuts to the script examples:

Export to Images, Export to Movie, Export to HTML, Export to Microsoft PowerPoint, Export to PDF

Export to Images

Here’s an example script that exports the front document to image files.

TIP: To see how to convert the previous script to a droplet, check out the Movie Export Droplet example on this website.

Export to Movie

Here’s a script for exporting the Keynote presentation to a movie file:

Export to HTML

This script exports the frontmost Keynote presentation to a folder containing all the HTML materials for a self-contained website.

TIP: Using the following Export to HTML script, a presentation containing audio clips, like the one created by the Render Presenter Notes script on this website, can be exported to HTML content, and placed on a server to become an online presentation! See it for yourself!

Export to Microsoft PowerPoint

This version of the export script will export the front Keynote presentation to a Microsoft PowerPoint file. Presentations containing media, such as movies and/or audio files, must be exported to the newer file format (PPTX), while presentations without media can be exported to the Microsoft PowerPoint 1997-2003 compatible format (PPT).

Export to PDF

This script exports the frontmost Keynote presentation to a PDF file. Set the boolean value of the useEncryptionDefaultValue property to either true or false to determine whether you will be prompted for the password to use in encrypting the PDF file.

IMPORTANT TIP: Learn how to save and run your favorite scripts using the system-wide Script Menu.