Making Documents

Creating new Keynote documents is done using the make command from the Standard Suite. The optional parameters for the make command, with the exception of with data, are supported in Keynote.

make  : Create a new object.


new class : The class of the new object.

[ at location specifier ] : The location at which to insert the object.

[ with data any ] : The initial contents of the object.

[ with properties record ] : The initial values for properties of the object.

⇒ specifier : The new object.

Using the make command, scripts can create standard blank Keynote documents, as shown in the example script below that creates a new document using the current default theme and sizing:

Here’s a script demonstrating how to use the optional with properties parameter to make a new document based upon a specific theme, and with a specified height and width:

IMPORTANT TIP: Learn how to save and run your favorite scripts using the system-wide Script Menu.