Making Kiosk Documents

Keynote in an excellent tool for creating interactive presentations designed to be displayed by Mac-based kiosks or Apple computers functioning as kiosks. The document class contains properties for setting up a presentation to become kiosk-ready.

A script example demonstrating this process is included on this page.

The Keynote Suite Document Class (excerpt)

document : [see also Standard Suite, Compatibility Suite] : The Keynote document. syn presentation


auto loopboolean ) : When this property’s value is set to true, the slideshow will play repeatedly.

auto playboolean ) : When this property’s value is set to true, the slideshow will play when it is opened.

auto restartboolean ) : When this property’s value is set to true, the playing slideshow will start over, if the idle time, indicated by the maximum idle duration property, is reached.

maximum idle durationinteger ) : The time (in minutes) before restarting the presentation. This property is implemented only if the value of the auto restart property is true.

slide numbers showingboolean ) : Are the slide numbers displayed on the slide?

The script properties shown above correspond to those displayed in the application interface:

(⬇ see below ) Select the Document tab  1  to access the slideshow settings options.  2 


(⬇ see below ) The kiosk display controls in the application’s Slideshow preference tab.  1  To set your computer to kiosk mode, select the “Require password…” checkbox  2  and then enter the password  3  to prevent the running presentation from being stopped.


DO THIS ►DOWNLOAD (30MB) an example image kiosk created using the script below. The auto-restart time is set to one minute.

The following script will create a simple image slideshow, set the document to be kiosk-ready, and then save, quit, and re-open the document:

IMPORTANT TIP: Learn how to save and run your favorite scripts using the system-wide Script Menu.