Text Item Overlays

If your presentations are developed using a process that includes review by others, here’s a script that makes it very easy to visibly identify the developmental status of the reviewed presentation.

The script shown below can be used to add and remove text overlays to or from all the slides in presentation, in a single action. The overlay text items may contain phrases such as “DRAFT” or “CONFIDENTIAL” or “INTERNAL USE ONLY”, or any word or phrase you want to use. In addition, you can set the color and opacity of the text overlay.

TIP: If you use more than one status phrase or term, create multiple versions of this example script, each with different default settings.

 (⬇ see below ) Exported slide images. The DRAFT watermark was created by adding a text overlay, set to a low opacity, on each of the presentation slides, using the script provided at the bottom of this page.

draft-slide-001 draft-slide-002