Creating a Text Wall

A “Text Wall” is the visual display of a collection of terms or phrases. It simultaneously conveys both the individual elements and aggregate size of the text-based data. In addition, with the use of a simple transition between duplicate slides, individual data elements can be highlighted in relation to the whole.

Normally, the creation of a text wall on a slide is a complex time-consuming process involving countless steps and adjustments. However, using the AppleScript scripts provided on this page, you can create a text wall from a list of terms or phrases, in seconds!

Simply download and install the provided scripts, and watch the instructional movie shown at the bottom of this page.

DOWNLOAD  the AppleScript scripts and related files for creating the example text wall. TIP: to learn how to activate the system-wide Script Menu and install the downloaded scripts, visit the Automation Utilities section of this website.

This movie details how to use the provided scripts to create a text wall on a slide: