Duplicate Presentation as Image Presentation

This script is designed to make it easier to share a presentation that may:

  • be a draft version
  • incorporate typefaces not part of the default installation of the OS
  • have a large file size
  • may contain high-resolution images you don’t wish to make accessible to others when the presentation is distributed

This is accomplished by exporting the slides to a set of images, and then creating a new presentation incorporating the exported images. In addition, during the construction of the new presentation, slide transitions and presenter notes are transferred to the new presentation.

Note that object builds, such as bullet build-ins, are not transferred during this process.

 (⬇ see below ) Exported slide images. The DRAFT watermark was created by adding a text overlay, set to a low opacity, on each of the presentation slides, using the script provided at the bottom of this page.

draft-slide-001 draft-slide-002

 (⬇ see below )  • A script for adding and removing transparent text overlays on slides:

TIP: To have multiple scripts for adding text overlays to slides, that contain phrases such as “DRAFT” or “CONFIDENTIAL” or “INTERNAL USE ONLY”, create multiple versions of this example script, each with different default settings.