Generate QR Code Image

This handy script uses AppleScriptObjective-C to create a QR code image based upon the text contained on the clipboard, and imports the created image onto the current slide. It’s a very useful tool for those that often display URLs in their presentations.


NOTE: The following script is written using AppleScriptObj-C, an incredibly powerful fusion of the AppleScript and Objective-C languages. To acquire detailed training materials and examples about AppleScriptObj-C visit:

To use this script, simply copy the URL or text to convert into a QR code to the clipboard, and then run the script. A QR code image will be created and added to the current slide.

Add Link to Shared Photos Album to Keynote as a QR Code

Here’s a version of the example script, saved as an Automator system service for Photos, that converts the selected link to a shared album into a QR code placed on the current slide in Keynote.

DOWNLOAD the Automator workflow file and double-click it to install on your computer. Right-click the selected shared link in Photos, and select the service from the contextual menu.